We’re 20 and (just quietly) awesome!

West Herts Speakers celebrated its proud 20 year anniversary last night with a wonderful mix of the old and the new.
What’s new? The club has just reached the gold standard of President Select status for its achievements throughout the Toastmaster year. And it partied at the venue which will become its new home later this month – The Noke in St Albans.
As for the old we really should say “young-at-heart founding members” who joined in the fun: Colin Donald, Stuart Lawson and Madhu Kundu. Each regaled the audience with tales of smelly venues and cantankerous doors but above all decades of friendship and the miracle of members moving from fear to fluency.
President Richard Beagle rarely missed the chance to say (rub in) the achievements of his club but failed to mention his indefatigable energy, dedication and belief in his members that contributed to an “awesome” year.
The after dinner speaker and well-known “roastmaster” Kevin Baggs had the marquee walls flapping with laughter with some well aimed shots at office bearers.(“I always wanted to be a comedian but they’re not laughing now!”)
John Kendall, Area Director (outgoing) and regular visitor at West Herts spoke of his support for the club and its achievements over the past year and years.
District Director Kevin Lee delighted by posing the question of who can name the gardener who nurtured the “tree” from which Newton’s apple fell and sparked an inspiration that resounded throughout the centuries since. His words inspired us all as clubs to be the metaphorical “gardeners” for the trees that can nurture and support great things in others.
Last but certainly not least, Irina Baldwin read a poem penned by the talented Paul Goodman for the occasion. Paul couldn’t be there due to illness but his presence was felt though his words.