14th December – The longest, darkest night

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The theme of the meeting on the 14th December 2022 was the longest, darkest night, with the evening led by toastmaster Ged – one of the clubs most accomplished and competent public speakers.

We had a great agenda with 3 speeches;

1 ‘Growing’ – A cracking first speech from a new member, reflecting on new paths walked and lessons learned

2 ‘Wine’ – A full exposition of the drink of the gods; Wine including a full sensory exploration of how to see, smell and taste wine!

3 ‘Life was never the same again’ – A speech taking us down memory lane from discovering rhythm and blues, to the daring exploits of pirate radios!

The word of the day

Gluttonous; excessively greedy. You might use it like this ‘a family of gluttonous eaters, drinkers and horders’. If you didn’t know it is also one of the seven deadly vices or sins, as taught in Christian teachings. The word of the day is selected by the ‘grammarian’.

Table Topics

Our impromptu, on-the-spot speeches were led by Tanzim, who asked questions related to the theme of ‘the longest, darkest night’.

Congratulations to the winners!

👏 Best Table Topic – Ryan

👏 Best Speaker – Alfred (for his first speech no less!)

👏 Best Evaluator – Paul

Interested in joining in on the magic?

As ever if you would like to join us for an evening public speaking magic please do contact us at westhertspr@gmail.com or use the contact form on the page navigation bar! We encourage guests and friends to attend (free of charge). Do contact us before hand so we can let you know what to expect

Throughout this post I’ve referred to various roles across speeches, toastmaster, table topic master and grammarian (amongst many others). These roles are open for any member to pick, and provides an opportunity to practise their public speaking!

We meet at 7.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at The County Constitutional Club – St Albans. The next West Herts session will be on Wednesday 11th January at 7.30pm.