Our latest Competent Communicator – 11th Feb 2015

Last Wednesday, in front of an eager audience, one of our most enthusiastic members, Richard, presented his 10th speech from the Competent Communicator’s Manual. We were treated to a passionate delivery and exposition of an event in Richard’s life which helped him make a fundamental change in direction and attain success in his career. It’s these speeches which encourage other members to dig deep and find inspirational topics which allow us to learn more about each other’s life experiences.

The other speaker who delivered a prepared speech was Ope who beautifully crafted a homage to the three most important women in his life – his mother, wife and young daughter. His love and admiration for them came across so vividly that we were spellbound by his ability to bring his early years with his siblings to life.

Our more serious speeches were complemented by a light-hearted Table Topics round of five speeches, loosely structured around the topic of Comedy. Our worthy winner Karen managed to talk eloquently about ‘How to Life your Mood’ and even one of our visitors boldly stepped up to the plate for the first time and told us all about ‘My Favourite Sitcom’.

So, if you are looking to hone your speaking skills, do join us for an enjoyable evening in two weeks time.