Dream Night – 9th Mar 2016

The theme was sleep but there was nothing soporific about the night’s entertainment.
The self-confessed insomniac snowboarder Sebastian Lane led the impromptu section on that topic, with Gwendoline Alderton voted best speaker for her balletic response revolving around the Orient Express.
Gwendoline was also voted best evaluator for her appraisal of Anthony Boboe’s gripping prepared speech, “Mumbai”.
Special mention, too, to Corrine Frydman who delighted all as she extolled the virtues of mastering languages in her speech”What Do you call…?”
In the end, it was Karen Willis who triumphed from the speeches of high standard, with “How to Eat Fruit”. Karen was giving her speech number 7 – a research topic – and held the audience in her hand with the challenge of whether it is best to eat an apple pulped, juiced or whole.
We were once again delighted to welcome guests – eight in all – some of whom were even ready to take part from the start. Hope to see you all again soon!
It was interesting to hear one guest ask if we were all on Toastmasters and we were able to say that we are all volunteers and that is what keeps the costs low and makes Toastmasters an affordable and accessible way to learn public speaking and leadership.
Our next West Herts Speakers meeting is a speech and evaluation contest night. It will be slightly more formal than our usual meetings but will give visitors the opportunity to see the standard members can reach, some just seven or eight speeches from a shaking start.