Brilliant humorous speeches

Last night was contest night and it did not disappoint!

The judges must have had an incredibly difficult job deciding who would win our humorous speech contest and table topics contest, to compete on behalf of our club at area level.

But they managed it and it was the Ryan Parke Show.  Huge well done to Ryan – not only did he enter both the contests – he won them both!

Ryan wins the double

It’s hard to know whether it was his hilarious tale of when he devoured a table decoration along with his steak, while out for dinner, that had us laughing the most.  Or if it was his recollection of the time when he broke into an Austrian family’s mountain home, and fought off their dog.  Either way, we are sure he will do well when he represents in the area contest.

Our humorous speech contestants

Every one of the contestants did us proud.  From Anthony Boboe telling us of the floating Rasta-man’s head outside a London club, and Shayan’s 10k struggle that resulted in an injured ‘muscle’, to Ajeet’s comedic performance on the subject of HTML – How To Meet Ladies, Ajeet stylee.  Well done to everyone for stepping up and taking part.

Table topic contestants

There was no requirement for our table topics contestants to be humorous, but they all had us chuckling after being given the statement “My perfect day is…” to wax lyrical on.  All the participants did themselves proud: Andrew, Aparna, Corinne, Anthony Brennan and Werner.

We had three guests join us for the night, who were kind enough to get involved and help us moderate the vote counting and share the timekeeping role.  They seemed to have a great time and we hope to see them back at our next meeting on 11th October.

The whole evening was a huge success and it wouldn’t have been so without the excellent leadership from our contest chair Richard.  He showed us all how it should be done, working closely with chief judge, Judy, and our stand-in Sergeant-at-Arms Colin.

Lets all give Ryan our full support by attending the area contest in Luton on 7th October, 1pm:

University of Bedfordshire Student Union in Luton Room G004
Vicarage Parking Lot
Vicarage Street
Luton LU1 3HZ
Richard with Ajeet
Richard with Anthony
Richard and Aparna
Richard and Corinne