Blowing away the January blues – 15th Jan 2015


Our first meeting of 2015 was a jam-packed event ably led by Richard Beagle our Toastmaster for the evening.

Toastmasters think on their feet

The first part of the evening was devoted to Table Topics, which was introduced by Megan who came up with an innovative theme for this suite of impromptu ‘mini speeches’ lasting between one and two minutes. She asked the speakers to pick the name of a celebrity from one envelope and a profession from another and the idea was to tell the audience why these well known people might be good at a particular job. For example, we had Kate Middleton as a fire-fighter and David Beckham as a policeman. It made for a humerous start to the meeting and a challenging Table Topics for our members.

Early speeches delivered with aplomb

The second part of the evening was devoted to the prepared speeches. Daniel gave his first speech, known as The Ice Breaker, and Monica followed with her second speech which is all about organisation – delivering a strong opening, developing content with a clear path and finishing with a memorable conclusion. Both speakers gave extremely well prepared speeches and we look forward to their next contributions.

Advanced Toastmaster interviewing techniques

Gwendoline, one of our most advanced and accomplished speakers, is following a the ‘Communicating on Video’ Manual and delivered speech number 3 where she was required to host an interview. She prepared a series of questions and gently led her interviewee through the short interview with great skill.

After a break, we returned to hear the evaluations…..but more of this in our next blog post