Being human makes a world with more toothpaste than fish – 22nd Jul 2015

Toastmaster Gwendoline embraced the holiday feel on 22 July by “inviting” us to her metaphorical holiday house for what proved to be a fun-filled evening.

The “conversation” therein was led by three erudite speakers highlighting a world of wildly differing values. Alex led with a philosophical journey of what makes us human, Irina on the tyranny of choice, and Megan reminding us that we can no longer say there are plenty of fish in the sea.

In table topics, Alex put us on the spot with speeches that punctuate life – especially when you have to talk around the horribly obvious.

Area Director John Kendall visited to urge all members to compete for the Table topics and humorous speech competition at Area in October Club competitions are planned for September.

Judy Mallinson, standing in for President Richard Beagle, urged all members to bring their Competent Leadership manuals to all meetings so that roles can be evaluated and lead to the completion of that competency.

As always, we were thrilled to welcome visitors and new members and assure them that many of the speakers are in themselves only new to the club and have learned speech making through practice and support.

Those taking home the ribbons were:
Table Topics and Best Evaluator: Ope Sebastion
Best Speaker: Irina Baldwin