23rd August 2023 – Trailblazing Courage

The theme of the week was trailblazing courage. Our table topics, led by Victor, ranged from owning a pet dinosaur and feeding young children to it (don’t ask!), a sales pitch for a new ‘Courage’ cologne, to the more serious topic of who has inspired you with their courage most in your life.

There were 2 speeches this week. Aparna’s parting gift was a 22 minute speech on how charge your life: 3 easy steps! It was inspiring and a tribute to her last 7 years before she departs to Dubai – good luck Aparna. 

Next was Rhys with Icebreaker speech entitled ‘One Degree, which focussed on the power micro habits can have on our every day lives.

The winners were:

Best Speaker – Aparna

Best Evaluator – Paul

Best Table Topic Speakers – Gordon

See you at the next session on the 30th July at 7.30pm for a special event; a candlelight supper.