27th September – Humorous speech and Table topics contest

This week we hosted a full house for our humorous speech and table topics contest!

Our contestants amused us with their humorous stories ranging from being arrested in Germany, defining the three categories of people that live in St Albans, to the threat to humanity that is gangs of teenage boys! Enrica was our eventual winner, with Matt and Tanzim coming 2nd and 3rd respectively.

For table topics, contestants were asked to talk on the same topic ‘Home is where the heart is’ but moved to a separate room so as to not hear the speeches that proceeded their own. It was intriguing to see how varied the 7 contestants responses were for a simple but personal topic. Tracey won with the 3 reasons why she loves her homeland; South Africa. Paul and Rhys came 2nd and 3rd. Well done everybody and see you at our next meeting on Wednesday 11th October.