To new beginnings as well as endings

It was one of those evenings which you never want to end because you’re having so much fun. It was a smashing evening not only we had a we few guests visiting us from Eldergate toastmasters club in Milton Keynes they even took up roles and did a great job as timekeeper and General Evaluator. Its always interesting to get a different perspective and Jono gave us points that we could ponder about.

Ryan our President started the meeting with his commitment to inform the club of upcoming public speaking events and hopefully we as a team can gain a lot of knowledge through these events.

The table topics was headed by Paul who did dual jobs of being an evaluator as well a table topic master. The topics was all about Magic and we got lovely insights from accepting magic as an illusion to having the ability to fly like superman or go back in time. Or learning that magic is all about the choices we make even if we don’t have a clue who Houdini or Copperfield are. But at last the magic was conquered by Judy and she won the award for best table topic speaker. Ah! what a magical evening.

Prepared speeches was life itself as Mark started his toastmaster journey by giving a absolutely mind-blowing icebreaker which was so funny and made us all feel special by saying “The only certificate Warren Buffet has in his office is a toastmaster certificate” a very well earned Best speaker award and we are looking forward for Mark’s next speech.

It wasn’t just a new beginning but also a new ending as Aparna gave her last speech from the CC manual about the secrets of mindfulness and thus achieving the status of “Competent Communicator”.

Zsuzannah made the VPEs life a little simpler by giving an exemplary educational speech about the roles we have in a regular toastmasters meeting and how we can win in this public speaking poker.

Anthony our toastmaster for the evening was the king of spontaneity when we realised we didn’t have a table topic master and he led the session so interestingly. All the evaluators did a really great job and Chun took the cake for her evaluation of Mark.

The word of the day was Aphorism given by our grammarian Carmen and in spite of being a difficult word was used 4 times during the meeting.

And to prove West Herts is an ever evolving dynamic and growing club we had one new member who joined our family. WELCOME IAN

And more over our friend from Eldergate Kala introduced us to her book “The power of human energy” and we promised her we would check it out.

Phew! how much we can squeeze in to short two hours is magic itself and to repeat myself it was such a fun evening and I didn’t want it to to end.

Looking forward to our next meeting on 28th of August. See you there. CIAO